You can commitment From $100, $200, $300, $500, $1000, $1500 .

After joining, you can ask your up line to activate your id by 20% of your commitment amount. Once you get activated, you will get another link of 80% within 5 days of payment of your first commitment. For which, you get 48 hours period to provide help. In case of failing to pay any of the link within given spans of time your ID will be exited from the system.


Once you provide help of 100% of your commitment, you will get growth of 50% every 07 days.
For example :-
Commitment $500
    1) In a 07 Days = $250
    2) In a 07 Days = $250
    3) In a 07 Days = $250
    4) In a 07 Days = $250 If recommitment done
                     Total = $1000

• Weekly Growth Bonus will show next day in Get Help panel.
• Weekly growth 100% GH.
• Daily matching bonus 50% GH and 50% wallet.

• You will get speed bonus 10% if confirm in 10 Hours.
• Maximum time 48 hours.
• Reject option after 48 hours.


You get 10% from every help provided in your direct down line respectively. This benefit gets accumulated in 50% GH and 50% Wallet.


• You get 10% from every help provided in your team on 1:1 matching from left and right sides. This benefit also gets accumulated 50% into your E-wallet and 50% into Get Help

• Daily capping as per package value.


Any distributor who passes achievement target shown below in the table gets designation mentioned respectively. Henceforth, by achieving daily target in his/her team he/she can get additional daily bonus also as mentioned below. This Bonus transfer in get help.

Designation Achievement Target Bonus
Silver $ 5000 $ 250 GH
Gold $ 25000 $ 1250 GH
Gold Star $ 50000 $ 2500 GH
Platinum $ 100000 $ 5000 GH
Double Platinum $ 300000 $ 15000 GH
Saphire $ 500000 $ 25000 GH
Diamond $ 1000000 $ 50000 GH


"Remind you that there are no rules in the system! It's just some free advice about working with the system, or you can say the rule."

  • No limitation of accounts, single member can open multiple accounts.
  • Commitment Range between 100 USD to 1500 USD.
  • Minimum withdrawals 50 USD and multipal of 10 USD.
  • Withdraw time between 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
  • Participants have to fulfill their commitment within 48 hour after link send by administration.
  • Recommitment is compulsory after 30 days.
  • Link sending time at every day between 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM only in working days.
  • Any member fails to pay balance 80% commitment, they will exit from system and 50% fine to immediate sponsor in his/her growth.
  • You can Transfer your Growth amount in wallet.
  • You must provide help to given lined members in order to stay into the system.
  • Your Bonuses earned from Growths and Team Matching is directly not eligible for get help provisions. But, they are accumulated into E-wallet and upon approval of withdrawal requests you get it provisioned.
  • In order to get Team Matching Bonus, you must introduce 2 active associates: one in left and another in right.
  • System Allows You to Withdrawal Your Matching Bonus Daily Basis. Minimum withdrawal for matching bonus of 50$ and multiple of $10.
  • After receive 150%, you should make Re-commitment for continue your ID and for remaining 50% growths.
  • Complete your PH link within 10 Hour & get 10% Speed Bonus.
  • If you do not confirm within given span of time you get your due cumulative Bonus for once and your other bonuses get stopped and you exit from the system.
  • If you confirm for re-commitment and fail to pay your commitments then also you exit from the system.